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1. Inquiry

Please let us know what kind of rental housing you are looking for through PHONE, EMAIL, or ONLINE FORM. PHONE : 03-6317-2146
EMAIL : agent@tokyobestapartment.com
ONLINE FORM: Click Here to Go to Online Form
We also assist property sellers and buyers, real estate investors, and property management.
Please feel free to contact us for any kind of real estate transactions.
・ Please note that the real estate practices here in Japan is pretty much different from those conducted in other countries. Please confirm the details with us beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings and confusions that might arise later, especially regarding monetary matters.
・ If you now live in a housing under the ordinal lease contract, please check the termination clause with the current landlord or the management firm. The termination notice basically has to be filed 1 month or 2 months, in accordance with your current lease contract, before you move out. In the case your termination notice is 2 months, we suggest you file the termination notice ASAP to avoid/reduce the double payment of rent. However, in reality, you possibly need to pay the both rents, the rent for your current residence and the rent for your new residence, for a certain period of time.
・ We advise you to look for a housing whose monthly rent is less than one third of your monthly salary to pass the screening. For example, if you are looking for a ¥100,000 apartment, you are ideally supposed to earn a monthly salary of more than ¥300,000.


Upon your inquiry, our designated experienced agent will soon contact you to set up a meeting for further discussion.
We can meet at your convenient place, for example; work place, your home, café close to your home or close to your targeting area to live in, etc.
With hearing your criteria/tastes more specifically, our agent suggests you best 3 to 5 options from the market right away.
We go view the 3 to 5 ptions after the meeting as soon as possible, hopefully on the same day, before they are taken.
・ Since we have strong connections with landlords/management firms from private to UR residences, we can introduce almost all of the housings available on the market.
・ If you have interesting apartments or houses beforehand from any sources (friend's recommendations, websites, etc.), please feel free to let us know so that we can introduce to you the ones available as well.


Once you find the best one, you apply for it by providing necessary information and ID copies as below; Foreign Registration Card (face and back sides) or, Passport (photo and visa pages) (TIPS)
Since the market in Tokyo is competitive, it is important to act quickly and hold it before it is taken.


At this stage, you need to provide the copies of documents as below; ■ APPLICANT
Income Statement (Tax Withholding Slip, Bank Statement, Employment Contract, Certified Letter from Company, etc.)
■ JOINT GUARANTOR (CO-SIGNER) in case of providing a personal guarantor
ID (face and back sides of Driver License, etc.)
Income Statement (Tax Withholding Slip, Bank Statement, etc.)
Employment Certificate (Offer Letter, Employment Contract, Certified Letter from Company, etc.)
■ EMERGENCY CONTACT PERSON (in case of using guarantee firm)
Necessary Information (Name, Address, Work Place, Phone Number, etc.)
Necessary documentations differ depending on cases. ・ The owner, the owner-side agent or any other relevant parties will contact you yourself, your work place in some cases, and your cosigner (joint guarantor) or your emergency contact person stated on the application form to confirm. Please notify them in advance.
・ In principle, owners require applicants to start the lease within 1 to 2 weeks after the application accepted.
・ Based on the information and the documents, the landlord / the management firm decides whether they accept your application.
・ Your application might be declined for some reason. (e.g.; Fail to meet the income standard required. Lack of Japanese proficiency.)
This process takes 2 or 3 days AFTER submitting all of the information and the necessary documents. (TIPS)
・ If you prepare the documents beforehand and can provide them right away, which can speed up the procedure.
・ During this screening process, we need to stay in close contact with you. Please pay your attention to your emails and especially calls.


Once your application is approved, you will receive the invoice from the management firm through our agent.
You will pay the initial cost by bank transfer and sign the lease contract.
You BASICALLY need to bring the following items on/by the contract signing date; ■ SIGNER
Certified Copy of Residence (住民票)
Certified Copy of Seal Impression OR Signature in some cases (印鑑証明書 / サイン証明書)
Bank Book (In case the monthly rent payment is automatic bank transfer.)
Seal used to open the bank account (If opened with your signature, not necessary)
■ JOINT GUARANTOR (CO-SIGNER) in case of providing a personal guarantor
Certified Copy of Residence (住民票)
Certified Copy of Seal Impression (印鑑証明書)
Necessary documentations differ depending on cases.


You will receive the key ON/AFTER the lease starting date at our office or at the management firm's office.


We will organize the utility settings(water, electricity and gas).
You can use the water and electricity right away, but gas.
A gas technician will come to your apartment/house to open the main cock, so that you can use HOT WATER and the devices on gas such as the gas cooking stove.
Please specify one of the following time slots and date as well, so that we will organize for it.
17:00-19:00(weekdays only)
Please note that their visit time cannot be specific during the time slot due to their schedule.


We will organize the internet setting.
In general, it takes 1-2 weeks to set up the internet connection.